EVENT: School Board Candidates and Community⁠⁠ Primer

EVENT: School Board Candidates and Community⁠⁠ Primer

*Calling all school board members, candidates, and concerned Carolinians!* 

Do you care about the state of education in your school district? Are you concerned for the students who are being brought up in A Nation At Risk? Whether you are a seasoned school board member, a new-to-advocacy community member, or anything in between, we at the Carolinas Academic Leadership Network (CALN) have crafted the perfect training for you, whatever stage you are at. 



Saturday, June 22, 2024 8:45am – 2:30pm

1824 Barnwell St
Columbia, SC 29201



Join us in Columbia, SC or on Zoom for a comprehensive, one-day training complete with sessions on:

  • Academic achievement
  • Fundraising and branding
  • Effective communication
  • Q&A with a panel of South Carolina school board members
  • State education policy overview with presentations on:
    • Education funding dashboard
    • 2024 legislative session recap
    • New age-appropriate book measure
    • Education Scholarship Accounts (ESAs)


Chick-fil-a lunch will be provided for in-person attendees

School board members, candidates, and all community members are invited!

Whether you are a community member who wants to learn how to make a difference and find out what to look for in a good candidate, or a school board candidate who wants to run an effective campaign and fight for our public schools, this Primer is for you! Everyone has a role in improving education for our kids!

Please email [email protected] with questions. This is a private event and closed to the press.


Carolinas Academic Leadership Network (CALN) exists to empower school board members in North Carolina and South Carolina with the training and tools they need to serve students and their districts free from the toxicity often found in today’s political climate.

CALN is a joint project between the South Carolina Policy Council (SCPC) and the Palmetto Promise Institute (PPI) of South Carolina and the John Locke Foundation (Locke) of North Carolina. All three are nonprofit public policy organizations dedicated to liberty and human flourishing.