SCPC's research is paving the way for tax reform, government transparency, expanded school choice, legal integrity, and greater individual liberty. 


Taxes and spending

After passing much-needed cuts to the state income tax in 2022, South Carolina is on the right track with tax relief. But there's more work to be done. Our low tax agenda includes fighting for a reduced, flat income tax rate as is being passed in many states. To achieve this, our state should double down on responsible budgeting and keep spending from rising too quickly. 

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Legal reform

South Carolina’s processes for selecting judges are unusual and rife with issues that must urgently be addressed if citizens are trust our legal system. In the civil liability realm, reform is necessary to ensure businesses are not saddled with unfair and disproportionate damage awards. 

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Government transparency

What happens at government meetings has a direct impact on the public. To increase transparency and accountability, these meetings should be livestreamed on the internet, and the video files should be archived for later viewing. Moreover, most public records, earmark spending requests and employee salaries should be easily accessible online.

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The time is right for South Carolina to embrace meaningful school choice policies and enact major education reform. We support the passage of ambitious K-12 scholarship programs (both publicly and privately funded) and an expansion of open enrollment policies. 

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Workforce and regulation

The overregulation of work is suffocating business and limiting prosperity in our state. In reality, a work license should be required only to protect health and safety. We are continuing to identify workforce regulation and licensing requirements that urgently need repeal or modification. 

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Healthcare freedom

Our research has shown South Carolinians overwhelming support expanding healthcare choice and access. We are fighting to repeal the state's costly and anti-choice Certificate of Need regime and to give qualified nurses and other healthcare professionals more freedom. 

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