Weekly Legislative Update

UPDATE for JAN 9–Jan 11, 2018

The first order of business for the House in this first week of session was voting on the governor’s budget vetoes. Many of the vetoes were sustained – such as the proviso allowing universities to bypass the Commission on Higher Education’s oversight authority – and a number were overturned – such as the group of provisos allocating lottery surplus revenue for a variety of education-themed expenditures (including school buses). We will analyze a few of these in more detail next week. The vetoes that were overridden by the House will be voted on by the Senate next week.

A number of important dates were also scheduled. The governor will be giving the State of the State address next Wednesday evening at 7:00pm to a joint session of the General Assembly, and judicial elections (supreme court, court of appeals, circuit court, family court and administrative law court) will take place February 7. South Carolina is one of only two states where the legislature elects the state’s judges.

The six House energy bills received a favorable committee report prior to the beginning of session, and were placed on the calendar this week. Legislative leadership has expressed the intention of debating them next week. In addition, both the Senate and the House reconvened their special energy investigatory committee for the purpose of considering the possible SCANA buyout by Dominion Energy, and both will be meeting next week.

Finally, a number of new bills were filed, including the following:

  • H.4614 – Net neutrality for South Carolina
  • H.4613 – Allows for joint membership of electric cooperatives
  • H.4528 – Amending powers of Greenville Health System
  • S.883 – Refundable income tax for motor fuel purchases

We will continue to monitor and analyze the newly-filed bills as the session progresses.