Weekly Legislative Update

UPDATE for Feb 13–Feb 15, 2018

This week, the governor signed the nuisance ban bill (which would infringe on personal property rights in favor of industrial businesses and manufacturers) into law.

On the energy topic, the Senate passed an amended version of S.954, a joint resolution delaying the Public Service Commission’s ruling on the prudency of abandoning the V.C. Summer nuclear construction project. Meanwhile, the House passed H.4377, which tweaks the laws governing the PSC and allows the legislature to replace the entire PSC over the next two years. (For an in-depth overview of these bills and their implications, click here.) The Senate energy committee also met this week to hear from Dominion Electric regarding the proposed merger with SCANA.

In other news, the House passed legislation protecting direct primary healthcare agreements from state regulation, and the bill will now go to the Senate. This bill would be a positive reform in the healthcare industry.

The House also passed an unconstitutional bill prohibiting businesses from obtaining more than three retail liquor licenses. The Supreme Court struck this law down several years ago, and this bill is the third attempt by lawmakers to re-enact the legislation. (Click here to read more.)

We will continue to monitor and analyze the newly-filed bills as the session progresses. Our latest bill analysis summaries are posted in the “Legislation” section of our website.