Latest Updates

  • Bad for business: South Carolina must reform its unfair civil liability system

    South Carolina is at risk of seeing fewer jobs and less economic growth if the S.C. General Assembly fails to address and reform the state’s civil liability system, which forces businesses to unfairly pay legal claims for damages they did not cause. 
  • Universal school choice: a roadmap for South Carolina

    Update 10/27/23: School choice opponents on Thursday launched a legal challenge against South Carolina’s ESA program, seeking to deny students access to life-changing educational scholarships. Legislators crafted the program specifically to comply with the S.C. Constitution, which puts parents in charge of the scholarships, and provides funding entirely to student needs. We encourage a speedy court decision to uphold...
  • Impact: McMaster announces new judicial transparency policy

    In a letter to state senators, Gov. Henry McMaster announced new disclosure requirements for anyone seeking a magistrate judge position. Nominees will have to provide details on an updated application form about their finances and business affiliations, political contributions, judicial philosophies, conflicts of interest and other background information.  
  • Big updates on judicial reform as Nerve stories make waves

    This week, as The Nerve published hard-hitting stories exposing issues with S.C.’s magistrate judge system (read them here and here), two big developments on judicial reform made headlines.  
  • SC lags behind northern neighbor when it comes to picking judges

    If you’ve followed the judicial reform discussion for much time, you’ve probably heard that South Carolina is one of two states where judges are legislatively elected, the other being Virginia. But a review by SCPC found large differences between the two when it comes to policy and procedure. In a few...
  • 2023 Legislative Scorecard

    South Carolina is embarking on a path toward a brighter future – and adopting key free-market policies will be key to this journey. The South Carolina Policy Council’s 2023-24 Legislative Scorecard was created to assist in this effort and promote the organization’s principles of limited government, free enterprise, and individual...
  • Keep an eye on these educational reforms in 2024

    Recently, we published an overview of South Carolina's national rankings across different performance indicators in education. We found that South Carolina lags behind other states when it comes to test scores, graduation rates, and reading proficiency for eighth-grade students.  The good news is that major educational reforms are finally making progress,...
  • South Carolina's educational shortcomings (and a brighter future ahead)

    It's no secret that South Carolina ranks behind other states when it comes to education. With school starting back up this month, let’s look at some recent education figures and talk about what can be done to turn things around.
  • Transparency check-in: streaming at the Statehouse (2023)

    With the 2023 regular legislative session concluded, now is a great time to follow up on transparency efforts made by the General Assembly to livestream their committee meetings, an initiative we began last summer.
  • 2024 a critical year as judicial reform gains steam

    A reform effort to tackle one of South Carolina’s most urgent issues is gaining major steam.   On Monday, S.C. Attorney General Alan Wilson hosted a public discussion in Charleston with more than 30 state legislators to discuss judicial reform, urging members to address longstanding problems with how South Carolina...