Senate Moving Ahead with Fee, Tax Hikes

● Numerous and complicated tax and fee hikes. ● Constitutional issue addressed – briefly. ● Bill to come up in full Senate next week. The Senate Finance Committee had a productive meeting on Wednesday, passing out a road funding bill to the full Senate. This may be good news for the committee, but it’s terrible news […]

Fee & Tax Hikes Coming to Senate Finance

● Senate subcommittee scraps agenda, introduces new fee & tax hikes ● Bill sidesteps constitution ● Raises more money to throw at broken road funding system The Special Senate Finance Subcommittee on Transportation Funding met Tuesday, March 17, with an agenda that included six different transportation bills, four of which would either impose tax or […]

Senate to Scrap Constitution, Raise Revenue

WHEN IT COMES TO GETTING YOUR MONEY, STATE SENATORS WON’T LET A LITTLE OL’ CONSTITUTION GET IN THE WAY When a special Senate subcommittee met on Tuesday, the purpose was clear: raising revenue by increasing the gas tax and other fees. There’s just one problem – the constitution says they can’t. In fact, Article 3 Section 15 of the […]

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On Roads, S.C. House Doing Its Own Thing

THE HOUSE PLAN HAS THIS IN COMMON WITH THE GOVERNOR’S: IT ASSUMES WE HAVE A REVENUE PROBLEM. Nearly a week after the governor released her plan to fix South Carolina roads, the House Ad Hoc Infrastructure Committee, chaired by Rep. Gary Simrill (R-York), unveiled its own proposal. In some small ways the plan is superior to […]

What to Do about Ride-Sharing

SOUTH CAROLINA’S REGULATORY REGIME DOESN’T PROTECT CONSUMERS, PLACES UNACCOUNTABLE POWER IN THE HANDS OF A FEW POLITICIANS, AND OUGHT TO BE ROLLED BACK – STARTING WITH THE TAXI INDUSTRY. HERE’S HOW TO DO IT. The ride-sharing service company Uber began operating in South Carolina in the summer of 2014. As the company usually does when it expands […]

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Why Raising the Fuel Tax Is a Terrible Idea

MONEY’S NOT THE PROBLEM. PRIORITIES ARE. The issue of road funding – or, to put it slightly differently, the question of how South Carolina should fix its broken road system – is now a constant topic in politics and the media. A fair number of state lawmakers have therefore begun to advocate what politicians always advocate […]

Why Another Earned Income Credit Won’t Help

MORE LAYERS OF GOVERNMENT PROGRAMS WON’T ADDRESS THE PROBLEM OF POVERTY. BUT SOMETHING ELSE WILL. South Carolina is among the poorest states in the nation. That’s no secret. But with a comparatively high sales tax and personal income tax, South Carolinians also endure some of the highest taxes in the nation. The state’s top marginal tax […]

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Do South Carolinians Have the Right to Work?

REMEMBER, THE FREEDOM TO WORK MEANS MORE THAN THE ABSENCE OF UNIONS Last year during National Employee Freedom Week, we posed this question: Is South Carolina really a “right-to-work state”? Of course it is, right? Well, hold on. By the common legal definition, yes – South Carolina is a right-to-work state: its residents can’t be forced […]

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The Case for Deregulating the Taxi Cab Industry

WE’RE ALL THE BENEFICIARIES OF CREATIVE DESTRUCTION In recent weeks, taxi services have protested in Washington D.C., Boston, London, and elsewhere over the existence of ride-sharing services like Uber (or Uberx), Lyft, and Sidecar. These latter companies, it’s alleged, are taking customers traditional taxis would otherwise assist.And since they’re not taxi services in the ordinary […]

The Lowest Taxes: How to Get There

WHAT STANDS IN THE WAY ISN’T LOGIC BUT POWER South Carolina will never truly be considered the freest state in the nation until its citizens are able to keep more of what they earn by living under a tax code that collects only what is necessary for core government agencies to function. The goal of […]

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