South Carolina Legislation

What’s coming in 2018, part one: Bills from last year still in play

The 2018 legislative session is just around the corner, and lawmakers from both the House and Senate have prefiled a number of new bills for consideration when session begins on January 9. Before we publish our annual overview of newly filed legislation, we wanted to review some of the more important bills from the last […]

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South Carolina education system

Who Controls Education Policy in South Carolina?

There is one question that we should all ask when analyzing elements of South Carolina government: Who controls it? Answering that question can often be a profoundly frustrating experience, as many of those in charge are largely unaccountable to citizens. This is especially true for education, with concerning results: South Carolina ranks as having one […]

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South Carolina energy bills

House Legislative Energy Solutions: An Analysis

THE HOUSE ENERGY COMMITTEE DRAFTED SIX BILLS TO “FIX” THE SYSTEM. HERE’S WHAT THOSE BILLS WOULD DO. UPDATE: The full House Judiciary Committee passed all six bills with no major substantive changes. As these bills have now been through the full committee process, they will be placed on the House calendar for debate when the legislature […]

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South Carolina freest state in the nation

Five Principles of Freedom: Achieving Prosperity in South Carolina

TO UNDERSTAND THE CHALLENGES FACING SOUTH CAROLINA, WE SHOULD FIRST ASK: WHERE DO WE WANT TO GO? In January, lawmakers will reconvene to debate solutions for the problems facing our state. But what exactly are those problems? That question can be best answered if we approach it in terms of aims. What kind of state […]

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House Committee Sandifer South Carolina

Legislative Energy “Reforms” Preserve Lawmakers’ Power

Over the past couple of weeks the House and Senate energy committees have begun drafting policy proposals to amend the energy regulatory structure. However, those proposals are premature as neither committee has reached an official consensus on the problems that led to the V.C. Summer fiasco. More importantly, the proposed legislation would not bring true […]

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South Carolina budget legislation

The State Budget Process: Law vs. Reality

On November 1, state law requires that the annual budget process begins. Every step is spelled out, but for decades South Carolina lawmakers have simply ignored the laws that don’t suit them in favor of a non-transparent, illegal process that keeps the power firmly in the hands of the legislature.   What the budget process […]

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South Carolina statehouse grounds

The “Legislative State:” How the General Assembly Controls South Carolina’s Government

Checks and balances are one of the strongest protections for individual liberty because they prevent any one branch of government from becoming too powerful. Concentration of power and lack of accountability breeds corruption and tyranny, and both are typical of South Carolina government by design. Technically, South Carolina has three branches of government. In reality, […]

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South Carolina State House Happenings

Six of the Lawmakers Investigating Utilities Also Oversee Utility Regulators

Shortly after Santee Cooper and SCANA abandoned their joint project to build two nuclear facilities, SC legislative leaders created special committees in the House and Senate to investigate the failed project. The abandoned plants have already cost South Carolinians billions of dollars and, according to a law passed in 2007, will continue to do so […]

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SC Senate

What to Ask Your Lawmakers About the Energy Crisis

Earlier this week the House energy committee held a public hearing on the failed nuclear construction project and the accompanying rate hikes. However, if you were unable to attend the hearing, you did not miss your chance to make your voice heard. There is little lawmakers can do at this point, short of taking legislative […]

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university of sc - usc

University Enterprise Divisions: Vehicles for Dodging Accountability

A bill filed last year in the House would allow the creation of powerful mini-governments within public colleges and universities. These entities would function similarly to shell corporations by allowing universities to bypass state oversight for bonding, construction and even the exercise of eminent domain. This legislation – H.4182 – is specifically designed to allow […]

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