South Carolina energy bills

Update on Lawmakers’ Energy “Solutions”

  In the past couple of weeks, lawmakers have taken action on several interesting energy bills – only one of which was originally proposed by the special energy committees convened by the House and Senate. Here’s an update on what has passed, what these bills would accomplish, and what it means for ratepayers.                      S.954: […]

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Regulating Liquor Stores: Third Time’s the Charm?

  In Best and Worst of the General Assembly 2017, we discussed a newly-passed law that reinserted a regulation into state law in direct defiance of a Supreme Court ruling. That provision effectively limits the number of brick-and-mortar liquor stores a person or company can own to three – at least until April 2018. The […]

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S.C. Supreme Court Elections – Quick and Quiet

WHY YOU HEAR NOTHING ABOUT YOUR NEW SUPREME COURT JUDGES When President Trump nominated Neil Gorsuch to the U.S. Supreme Court one year ago, the nation’s media, political class, judicial interest groups, and citizenry began to debate Judge Gorsuch’s merits and record. That public scrutiny continued throughout the Senate hearing process that ended with Gorsuch’s […]

Finally, Some Good News for Healthcare

BILL PROTECTS INNOVATIVE PRIMARY CARE ALTERNATIVE America’s healthcare system often leaves consumers burdened with high costs and limited choices. This is the result of numerous regulations on medical professionals and facilities, many of which are imposed by the state. For instance, doctors in South Carolina are forced to navigate 30 different state-imposed coverage mandates. H.4643 […]

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SC Energy Nuclear Reactor Failure

House Energy Bills: Perception vs. Reality (Updated)

The General Assembly is currently debating six bills to ostensibly “reform” the system and the laws that created the V.C. Summer nuclear construction debacle. These bills were developed in the special House energy committee and passed by the judiciary committee last fall. Three of the bills (including H.4375, which retroactively amends the Base Load Review […]

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Property Rights Threatened by Lawmakers’ Economic Development Interests

REMOVING CITIZENS’ POWER TO HOLD THEIR NEIGHBORS ACCOUNTABLE? UPDATE: The final version of the bill placed parameters on the bill’s scope, but the core of the proposal – the violation of property rights – remains the same. The amended version defines “reasonable expansion,” and only allows the nuisance exemption to be transferred to another facility if […]

What the General Assembly did on Last Year’s Budget Vetoes

Last year the legislative session ended before the governor’s line-item vetoes of the 2017-18 budget were issued, and lawmakers opted to wait until session reconvened the following January to sustain or override them. The budget vetoes were accordingly the first order of business in the first two of weeks of session. It takes a two-thirds […]

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