SC Energy Nuclear Reactor Failure

SC Energy Crisis: Who is Accountable?

  The decision by Santee Cooper and SCANA  (the parent company of SCE&G) to abandon a multi-billion joint project to build two nuclear power facilities means that their customers were not only charged billions of dollars to build plants that won’t be finished, but will also have to pay billions more – for decades to […]

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Who Runs South Carolina State Government?

POLITICIANS YOU DIDN’T VOTE FOR. THAT’S WHO. From education to road funding, from the judicial system to your electric bill, the important decisions are made by state lawmakers who represent only their districts. Most South Carolinians don’t vote for them – or even know their names. So when your power bill goes up again, or […]

SC DOT Commission Gas Tax

How the DOT Commission Plans to Spend New Gas Tax Revenue

Last week the Department of Transportation (DOT) Commission and the State Transportation Infrastructure Bank (STIB) met for the first time since the gas tax bill passed. Both meetings were focused on adjusting to new laws and planning for the way ahead. More to the point, they confirmed that there is a very real possibility that […]

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SC legislative ethics process

Lawmakers, Corruption, and Accountability

The process of investigating and prosecuting corruption in the legislature is confusing and complicated – at best. At worst, it is specifically designed to shield lawmakers from legal scrutiny and consequences for unethical behavior. Last year the General Assembly passed a law purporting to end lawmakers’ power to police their own ethics violations. It didn’t, […]

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Will New Gas Tax Revenue Go to Roads?

LAWMAKERS PROMISED THE MONEY WOULD GO TO MAINTAIN ROADS.  STATE OFFICIALS SHOULD MAKE SURE THAT HAPPENS. On July 1, the gas tax hike went into effect. Drivers across the state are now paying more for gas, higher sales tax on vehicles, and increased registration fees. However, there is a risk that this new revenue could be diverted […]

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Mobile Barber Shops? Good Idea, But Never Mind.

WHY NOT JUST DEREGULATE? Ronald Reagan used to tell a joke that went like this: “Government’s view of the economy could be summed up in a few short phrases: If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidize it.” Members of the South Carolina House have taken the […]

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Only Three Liquor Stores? A Tale of Regulation

HOW A SIMPLE, WELL-INTENDED REGULATION TURNED INTO A TANGLED MESS Earlier this year, a report at The Nerve detailed an attempt by a few lawmakers to insert a budget proviso into the state budget. This proviso – a one-year budget law – would effectively limit the number of brick-and-mortar liquor stores a person or company […]

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The State Budget: What You’re Spending in 2017

GOVERNMENT OUTPACING THE ECONOMY – BY A LOT The General Assembly just passed a $27.42 billion budget – by far the largest in state history and a $1.1 billion increase from last year. As in past years, lawmakers ignored state laws requiring a transparent and coherent budget process and instead cobbled together the state spending plan […]